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We aim to provide exceptional patient oriented psychiatric care that readily meets changing schedule demands. We know and understand there are times you cannot wait weeks or sometimes months for help. Please call our office or make an appointment online today!

What Is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is the same practice of Psychiatry but using technology you can receive similar care but from within the comfort of your own home. It works with a simple video program (similar to SKYPE or FaceTime) that is HIPAA compliant and protects your confidentiality. You are sent a link to the provider’s virtual office and you simply click the link and we take care of the rest. This allows you to be seen without need to worry about finding the office, getting a babysitter or even using up gas. All that is required is to have a computer with internet access and a web camera.

What You Can Expect
From a Visit To Our Virtual Office

When seeking a psychiatric care there is a common interaction sequence. First one must have an initial psychiatric evaluation. In this visit the provider will review your history and discuss the struggles you are experiencing. We do this in order to come up with a diagnosis and plan for treatment.

The plan for treatment will be based upon your diagnosis and symptoms you are experiencing. The treatment plan usually is a combination of medication to minimize the symptoms you are experiencing and a referral to a therapist to obtain skills to deal with the day to day issues you are facing.

Once you have competed the initial evaluation and started medications you will then have monthly follow up appointments to monitor and check the effectiveness of your medications and obtain refills. This will continue until you no longer need services or have reached a stable medication regimen. At that point follow up appointments largely depend on the type of medication you are on.

Our Caring & Hard Working Staff


(Margaret Parnell)

ANCC Board Certified
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


MSN University of Florida

DNP University of North Florida

Licensed in FL, AZ & CO

Margaret Parnell is an ANCC board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in the identification, treatment, and management of psychological disorders. She received her bachelors in Food Science and human nutrition with a speciality in Dietetics, bachelors in nursing and masters in nursing from the University of Florida. She has worked in inpatient, crisis and outpatient full life span psychiatry for several years.

She has worked in various subcategories of psychiatry including,  eating disorders, substance abuse, child and adolescent behavioral intervention including parent management therapy, autism/developmental delay, forensics psychiatric treatment, traumatic brain injury adult severe and persistent mental illness and many more.

Michael Adee - Business Manager of Telepsychiatric Bridge Services LLC


Communications Liaison 
Business Manager

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Jacksonville, FL

When Should You Seek Professional Care?

Have you noticed that you have less energy; Have been more irritable or short tempered; Have been feeling sad or worried a lot? These and multitudes of other issues are signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness. By scheduling a consult we can provide clarity and help find treatment. If you have any major concerns about your mental health please come in and, together, let us help you!

You Don't Have to Face This Alone...

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The Best Care You Can Get

Compassionate Psychiatric Care

We take a traditional approach with your treatment while building trust with our compassionate care.

Affordably Priced Evaluations

No insurance, high deductible plans or those wanting to maintain record confidentiality, we are your cost effective solution.


HIPAA Compliant web-based video conferencing software allows you to attend your psychiatric appointments from the comfort of your own home. 

High End Treatment

We offer fair professional medical advice with high quality treatments at the highest standards.

Highly Educated Practitioners

Each of our care providers is trained in identification, treatment, and management of psychological disorders.

Easy-to-Use Software

Telepsychiatry allows us flexible hours with an "open schedule" policy designed to accommodate many needs. 

Insurance Reimbursment

We offer to assist you in completing out of network paperwork to be reimbursed by your insurance plan. We also accept United, Optum, Oscar and Aetna.

We Really Care For Our Patients! 
What Do They Say About Us?

Absolutely incredible. Margaret has given me the opportunity to take control of my healthcare in a way previously impossible. She’s given me the power and ability to communicate with a professional in an environment that works best for my schedule and she charges the most affordable rates. I am seriously so grateful for her competence and care. I would not be receiving this type of care without her!

Taylor Oneal - about 4 months ago

Easy process from the paperwork to the appointment. I am so grateful to have found a place that listens and cares about their patients. Thank you.

Zacha Ortiz - a month ago

Excellent! I cant recommend enough. I called all around town looking to get help, I either didn't get somebody on the phone or they wanted tons of money. I called this place and was seen next day and got the help I really needed! It is also super affordable, I don't have insurance and they have a great rate. I highly recommend! The staff is super nice, you wait in a nice side room and they have refreshments... My next appointment is from the comfort of my home as they have the telepsychiatry, thats nice as they are a 45 minute drive from my home.

Joshua Roberts - about 6 months ago

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Our Mission is to provide affordable high quality psychiatric care from the comfort of home. We are striving to implement an innovative business model encompassing technology and flexible hours while extending compassionate care and high quality treatment to people in need!

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